How I got creative boost at Bushwick Open Studio

Ah Bushwick, such an amazing hip artistry place. Street art is everywhere, bars and coffee shops are full of cool looking people, you just want to sit there and be one of them. I could spend days walking and getting to know the area. Last week, Bushwick Open Studios took place and gosh I still feel inspired! Hundreds of artists around Brooklyn opened their studios and it was crazy and BIG. To sum up, two artists inspired me –Andrew Fish and At Large.

What do I love about Andrew?

The layers. The missing information in the paintings. I had a brief conversation with Andrew and several things he said stuck in my mind. First about his drawing process. He starts by abstract painting to set the mood of the image. Colors, shapes, lines. I would say he plays with his unconscious. Based on his feeling from the abstraction, he adds the “real” part: he goes through the photos he took previously and look up the one giving a similar feeling. He uses the photo as a template for the real part. This way, the images are better to grasp for me — the unconscious in me works with the conscious and, the feeling play with the brain. Plus, the way he paints the “real” part is amazing. He gives us as little information as needed to get the meaning. “Hey, this is a person!” but we have enough space to fill some on our own which makes the painting more personalized. I guess…Love that!

What have I learned from that?

Ok, I already understood that the point of abstraction is not to look for hidden objects. Today I’ve learned that the purpose of the abstraction is to set the mood, give you a certain feeling. Andrew is really master of this. So I started to look around and realized that it’s not only abstract painting that gives you a certain feeling. It’s every single object in a room, it’s attributes, the light or your mood that makes you feel a certain way. Bushwick coffeehouses made realize this. They are all so unique. So I went to a few and thought about how they make me feel and why. The same I am doing now with font, colors, shapes, material, light…