Cake package design | BJs SweetShop

Design process

I designed BJs sweetshop brand as my side-job projects. Apart from the logo, I design packaging for a cake box.

I first thought of the emotions the brand should give. I wanted to be playful, funny and a bit hippie. Hippie candy shop. I prepared a moodboard to better explain the emotions I had in mind and get some ideas.

I then started to think about the logo and did a few sketches with my ideas. I decided to make my own typeface and add a little something that would, even more, give the hippie/psychedelic feeling.

02 Moodboard
02 Brainstorming sketches
03 Brainstorming sketches
05 Brainstorming sketches

I decided to add a lollipop next to BJs. This was inspired by the 1966 poster by Victor Moscoso. I then opened Illustrator and gave the logo digital version. I had several color versions, but I ended up with simple two colors + black version. I think this one will work the best in different situations and on different backgrounds.

With logo and moodboard in mind, I started to think about the package.

Package Design

When designing a package for the cake, I first had several questions to keep in mind:

  • Where and how the package will be used and displayed?
  • What size is it going to be? How big the cakes are going to be?
  • How is it going to be put together?
  • What material is it going to be made of?
  • What colors to use? Spot vs process

And this is the final design for the Sweetshop cakebox.

06 Cake package design