Package design with illustration | Winter chocolate limited edition


I love illustrations and I love Christmas. This season, I am spending part of my holidays in NYC. It’s beautiful and so inspiring. Light everywhere, Christmas tree at Rockefeller center and brand new chocolate place right at 5th Av. But I am still not forgetting about my own traditions and so I watched many Christmas movies from Slovakia.

Inspired by winter atmosphere in NYC and as a big fan of chocolate, I made an illustration of Perinbaba which I, later on, turned into a package for special winter edition for white chocolate.


I love illustrations and I really admire all the illustrators who know how to work with color, shapes, proportions…

For this project, I was mainly inspired by:

  • Mark Boardma
  • Tomski&Polanski
  • Bian Edward Miller
  • Tishk Baryanji

Here are few of my sketches which I after some thinking moved to Adobe Photoshop.

02 Perinbaba
03 Sketches
04 Package design

Some questions to consider

1. Ok, so who are my target customers?

I thought of adults who still feel a bit like children, especially during the Christmas time. They love Christmas movies and winter cozy atmosphere. This will be a perfect gift for this kind of people.

2. What feeling will my product give?

If someone would give you this product, you will feel special, that that person is caring about your well-being and making your life nicer and more enjoyable. I thought of it when deciding about color palette and material of which the package will be made.

3. Where will be my product displayed?

In specialized choco stores, only showing its front page. Or online.

Other questions to think about: What will be the canvas size? What will be the material the package will be made of?